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Rezoning Case Z190-349

The Proposal

  • Converts 8 Single-Family lots into a 26 Lot Housing Complex

  • Abandons all current setbacks

  • Inserts 66 vehicles into an area intended for 16 cars

  • Front Setbacks = 5 Feet

  • Rear Setbacks = 3 Feet

  • Destruction of mature Live Oaks trees on existing lots, leaving little room to replant

  • Creates 3 Traffic Hazards

  • Increases the potential for flooding

  • Extreme invasion of privacy for your neighbors on Brookstown

325% Increase
In Density

Proposed Development Plans


The Developers

The Developers

  • Who is Forest Park Development LLC? 
    This entity holds the contract to purchase the 8 lots but has not yet closed on the sale.  Their contract is contingent upon successfully rezoning the lots . They have the right to terminate the contract if they cannot get the zoning they require. The LLC was formed by  Brent Aaron, Bill Davis & Lou Olerio.      

    Other Developers

  • Several other development groups are hoping that Lou Olerio backs out of the contract.  Most have great reputations in Dallas for sophisticated developments.  Each of these have expressed a desire to work with the community to create exquisite single-family homes, retirement living or a senior living park.


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