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The Melshire Residents Association has retained the professional services of top-tier consultants and the legal counsel of a firm that specializes in land use and zoning laws. 


Thus far, these fees have been paid for by a group of Melshire Residents and contributions from an organization called The Friends of Forest Lane.  


The Friends of Forest Lane is a coalition of several neighborhoods that share the Forest Lane Corridor. They share concerns about the traffic and flooding implications that this development will have on Forest Lane.  Now, we are calling on all of Melshire for assistance with funding.  We hope that you will take pride in knowing that our neighborhood is worth protecting.  Your contributions, at every level, are greatly appreciated.   Any surplus of funds at the conclusion of this case will be used toward other initiatives to improve and beautify our community. 


With Gratitude, 

Your Melshire Residents Association 

Donate to Melshire Residents Association to assist with Legal Fees, Signage, Professional Services for Rezoning Case 190-349

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