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What started as an initiative to ensure responsible development of the vacant land at Forest and Nuestra, has grown into a fantastic group of neighbors that are passionate about  building our community.   We have big plans! And we can't wait to share them with you and your family. 

At the moment, we are focusing our resources on the Proposed Rezoning case in our neighborhood. What is being proposed will change the 8 vacant lots (which are part of Melshire Estates)  into a high density housing complex.  The proposed plan will dramatically affect all the residents of our neighborhood. The proposal goes before City Council on September 9, 2021. In order to ensure responsible and intelligent development at the entrance to our neighborhood, we must stop the rezoning process. 

After we successfully navigate this critical time, we will turn our focus to neighborhood functions and beautification projects.  We are forming a welcome committee, kids club and architectural review committee. We will plan block parties, movie nights, pet parades, art fairs, fall festivals and summer splash days.  We hope to organize holiday parties to celebrate the myriad of cultures that make up our vibrant community.  

Join us, we're excited to have you!  

Save Our Beautiful Community

We Need Your Support Today!

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