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Welcome Neighbors

We Are A Resident Association

Join The Residents Association

Sign The Petition and Donate

We are the new neighborhood association and we have big plans!  With your help, we're going to preserve our beautiful neighborhood and build a better sense of community.


Our subdivision was established in the 1960's and remains one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of Dallas.


In 2017, D Magazine voted Melshire Estates one of the


in all of North Texas!  

We want to keep it that way.

We are eager to build our community and hope you'll join us!   Click below to become a member of the new Melshire Residents Association.

We are a Neighborhood Association made up of neighborhood residents providing benefits to secure the well-being of our Neighborhood.

Make a Difference in 3 Simple Steps:​

1. Sign the petition

2. Donate

3. Send a letter to our City Council

All will concede that in order to have good neighbors, we must also be good neighbors. That applies in every field of human endeavor.

                                                                                                   - Harry S. Truman

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